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Pigeon Forge Weather

Many people like to know what the weather in Pigeon Forge Tennessee will be like at certain times of the year. The weather can be very difficult to predict during different seasons. It is very hard to comprehend why the weather sometimes never seems to change much. It is true that one day the temperature can be as high as 70 degrees but then the next you will need a jacket to go to town. The two most difficult seasons to predict the weather of are spring and fall. During these two seasons at any given time the weather can change and you should know that if you are vacationing to Pigeon Forge Tennessee during these seasons you may need to pack more clothes than expected. Spring and fall can vary in temperatures so much that one day you will not need a jacket but the next day it could be snowing outside. It is also true that the temperatures can be very different, depending on where you are in town. If you are on a mountaintop in a cabin or chalet it will be colder than if you are downtown in a hotel. During the winter months snow is likely in Pigeon Forge Tennessee but it is not always definite. Summer usually brings in the hot weather.


March marks the beginning of spring and the warm slowly starts to creep in. Most years, in March a light jacket and jeans will be needed at night but during the day more warmer, such as shorts, can be worn. The trees begin to turn from the browns of fall and winter to a prettier green the marks the beginning of warmer weather. These trees make Pigeon Forge TN burst with energy. By the beginning of the spring months visitors are ready for a change in the weather and as March comes to an end April and May bring even warmer temperatures. The average high temperature for the spring is 66 degrees and the average low is 37 degrees.


Pack your shorts, tank tops and flip flops as you head to Pigeon Forge Tennessee for the summer. Summer months bring in high heat and June, July and August can be very humid. The average high in July and August in Pigeon Forge Tennessee is around 86 degrees. If 86 degrees is the average high, then what is the average low? Well, it is 74 degrees. June, July, and August are typically the most busy months of the year. So many of the activities in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, like Dollywood and Dolly’s Splash Country, are open and in full swing so this makes the town and even more popular place to visit. Other activities that are open in the hot, summer months in Pigeon Forge is horseback riding and whitewater rafting.


Fall is known for the changing of the leaves and beginning of cooler weather in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. After summer, fall is one of the most popular times of the year for families to get together and take a vacation. September’s temperatures usually vary between warm and breezy during the day to being a little bit cooler at night. September slows down a little and is known as a break time between summer and fall. September ends and October begins and this is when visitors rush back into the area to see the beauty of the leaves change color and predict a beautiful fall. The colors typically reach the peak at around week three in October and usually continue to paint a beautiful picture until middle November. It is also possible that toward the middle or end of November you can experience some light to moderate snow flurries, but this is not always promised. Another reason fall in Pigeon Forge Tennessee is so popular is because families like to visit the area for the Thanksgiving holidays. If you do come Pigeon Forge in the fall you will truly begin to understand why the area is such a beautiful place.


You may believe, or maybe you have even been told, that winter marks the beginning of snowfall in Pigeon Forge TN but this is not always true. December, January and February to bring in the cold weather but that does not always mean snow will be in the forecast. In the higher elevations the chances of seeing snow are more likely than in the lower elevations. As you travel into the area to celebrate Christmas, New Years or Valentine’s Day do not forget to pack a jacket, gloves and maybe even a scarf because the average low for winter in Pigeon Forge is 22 degrees.

Each month offers something different to see and experience in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and many activities are open year round so do not worry about picking a specific month to catch all the fun. There are plenty of indoor activities to enjoy, even in the cold weather. Every season is beautiful in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and there is always plenty to see or do so pick your season and start planning your Pigeon Forge vacation today.


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